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Everything you need for perfect online sale & shopping

The BidderFace is designed to help buyers and sellers to find each other in the online marketplace. Whether you are buying or selling, new or used, plain or luxurious, commonplace or rare, BidderFace is where the people find the best deals.

  • Buyer & Seller Qualification Scoring

    Reputation one of the most important part of online trade. Feedback score can tell you how experienced a buyer or seller. Online business never work without trust. Forget the anonim online ecommerce, BidderFace show that what kind of your business partner.

  • Free Listing

    You can create free listings. We offer more valued features, but you can use our system for free without time limitation. Basic membership stays forever free.

  • Auction | Fixed Price | Classifieds

    BidderFace the solution for online auctions & ecommerce or even a combination of the two. Sell any type of item like products, services and digital / downloadable goods. If you prefer the ordinary classified ads we allows you to list classifieds in many categories. You can setup classifieds with or without price too.

  • Global Marketplace - Multilingual Presence

    You can instantly become a global entrepreneur and you can reach more customers. There are no global limits to online commerce. Not only the website multilingual, but you can also set more languages on your listings, no more language barrier. Our global website available more languages too.

Everything you need for perfect online sale & shopping

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Personalised Own Webstore For FREE

You can create your own e-commerce website for free. Our platform has everything you need to run your online business and build your brand. As an online store owner you can customise and setup your webshop with a variety of features and settings. Branding your store with unique name, description, store logo and your sale will be increased faster as you think. You can create and use your own custom categories for your store. We continuously add more & more features like SEO options, various store content subpages, so you can truly concentrate for the sales and your buyers. Details »

Seller Tools

Customise your listing display settings including quantity display, returns and refunds policies, tax & more. Configure your shipping costs and related settings, including weight based, item based, invoice total based or free shipping settings. Customize your domestic and global shipping settings. Create custom vouchers / coupons and you can offer discounts to buyers. You can enable Vacation Mode to temporarily remove your listings until you return. Details »

Full Shopping Cart & Checkout Process

Complete smooth shopping experience for buyers. Comprehensive shopping cart & checkout process, including automatic invoicing, 30 minutes stock reservation, payment via all major payment merchants or offline payment options. Complete inventory / stock control with multiple item and quantity support. Live shipping rates and services selectable during checkout, including any custom shipping options offered by you are also selectable. You can handle multiple shipping addresses. Automatic voucher / coupon redemption. Details »

New technologies brought loads of change into our lives!

Common ways to online trade also changed.

We hand you the key to a smooth transition from old practices to new solutions.

Integrated Online Payment Solutions

Fully integrated with all major worldwide payment merchants for the smooth transactions.
Integrated Online Payment Merchants: Paypal | Skrill | 2Checkout | Amazon Payments | Authorize.Net | Nochex | PayMate | Sagepay | Stripe | Details »

Sales Management

View all your sold items on one dashboard. Inform your buyers for purchase status, including delivery status and tracking details. View, print and update sale invoices. Item / purchase specific message board providing direct contact with your buyers. Details »

Buy & Sell | New & Used Items | Free Listing | Online Auction | Fixed Price | Classifieds | Global Marketplace | Multilingual Presence
Integrated Online Shipping Solutions

Fully integrated with worldwide coverage shipping carriers including live rates and services. Configure your shipping costs and related settings, including weight based, item based, invoice total based, free shipping settings and domestic and global shipping settings. You can offer free postage on invoices for which the total amount exceeds the value you setup.
Integrated Shipping Providers: FedEx | UPS | USPS | Australia Post | Details »

Fully Automated Invoicing System

Automatically generated invoices / receipts. Complete automated invoicing system, including optional manual invoicing system. When a buyer purchases more than one item from you, you can send that buyer a combined invoice. A combined invoice lets a buyer send you a single payment for multiple purchases, saving you both time. Buyer & seller can combine purchase invoices. Details »

Listing Management

View all your open items for sale on one dashboard. Re-list your item manual or automatically. You can quickly manage your open products for sale with our integrated stock control. Create a new / similar listing easily or edit any listed item. Many options:
Select whether or not you will accept returns / refund requests / insurance delivery option. | Save a listing as a draft. | Set up your item right away, custom start time, duration & custom end time. | Multi currency support. | Easy to use HTML editor for entering / customising item description. | You can add photos, videos from multiple source. | Select your stock level. | Select accepted payment & shipping options. | and more options. Details »

Extensive Bidding & Buying Options

Comprehensive auction bidding, fixed price and offer modules. You can use a single option or combined more. Many options:
List auctions, fixed price or offer based items. | Buy It Now / Fixed Priced support. | Optionally enter a reserve price for your auction listing. | Proxy / automatic bidding. | You can choose whether or not you wish to receive offers from potential buyers on your item, should you choose you accept offers you can enter an offer range you are happy to receive. | Optional to enable a Private Auction, if selected the bidder(s) username will be hidden from view. | You are able to close your auction early. | You can review all offers received on your auctions. | and more options. Details »

Buy and Sell Online - Easily & Quickly

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Online Shopping Without Difficulties

Buyer Protection | New & Used Items | Online Auction | Fixed Price | Classifieds | Global Marketplace | Multilingual Support

Everything you need for safety online shopping

  • Purchase Management

    Full purchase history available on one dashboard. Full internal messaging system, including product / purchase specific message board for easier direct contact with the seller. You can follow your order status with delivery / tracking details provided by seller. You can view & print all purchase invoices / receipts.

  • Earn Discount & Never Miss The Best Deals

    You can follow the sellers or a single product or even both. You can add items to your Watch List, any item on your watch list which receives a new bid or is updated in any way will trigger notification via email. As a qualified buyer you are able to use seller vouchers and earn discount.

  • Easily Handled Bids & Offers

    One step bidding - place your bid within a matter of seconds. You will be notified if somebody outbid your offer. You can retract your bid without question. You can view all bids placed, offers made and items purchased on one dashboard.
    Do you like bargain? You can make a quick offer for an item and our system will automatically manage everything.

Online Shopping Without Difficulties

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We all want to get the most relevant system time- and cost-effectively, ready-made and personalized solutions on the instant.

Everything you need for safety online shopping

It is never too early or late to chase your dreams and become an online entrepreneur. The right determinant of e-business success is the same as any offline business. If you have a great plan, you have to transform that idea into action.

Nanka - Designer

Global Marketplace - Multilingual Presence
"Love it! Thank you for making my life easier and saving me time. I`ll definitely recommend it to my friends."
Everything you need for safety online shopping
James Bennett
Managing Director
"The user experience of the BidderFace tool is great. I bet even my dad will learn to use it...thx"
Buyer Protection | New & Used Items | Online Auction | Fixed Price | Classifieds | Global Marketplace | Multilingual Support
Kate Brown
Senior Analyst
"I can`t recommend BidderFace strongly enough - the best integrated online business solution going around."
Sell Digital Products
Paul Schneider
Electrical Engineer

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Show your products and reach the best potential

Work anywhere & anytime

Today, more than ever, we live in a connected world. Technology allows us to create online business in many countries at once, and that`s creating immense opportunity for those with the right tools.

Sell Digital Products

We makes it easy to start a business and sell digital products online. You can sell eBooks, music, lessons, tutorials, graphics, photography, themes, patterns, web elements, videos and more. Basically pretty much anything you want can be sell digitally. If you`re ready to start your own business, sell your digital products and you will being location independent thus being able to work anywhere in the world.

  • Ability To Do Business 24 Hours

    Your schedule will be more flexible than it has ever been before. You can choose what time of the day you want to work, how many hours you want to work and what days of the week you want to work as long as you set your business in an efficient way.

  • Your Physical Presence Could Be In Any Location

    You have the freedom of choosing your location. Opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world. The World Wide Web allows you to do business from any part of the world. You aren`t tied down to a desk or a single location if you have a good internet connection and a laptop you can run your business from anywhere in the world. You will have a lifestyle of freedom, and you can travel and choose where you want to work. The gladsome life and work will make a unit.

  • Potential customer reach - Go Global

    Physical business can never compete with an online entrepreneur. Over 3 billion people are using the Internet worldwide, and this number is growing bigger by the day. Just imagine how much bigger your target market is than any bricks and mortar enterprise.

Work anywhere & anytime

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Convenience Services

Bulk Lister

Significantly cut the time needed to list and manage items. By listing items in bulk, using a CVS file, one can avoid the adding item-by-item process. Details »


You can list classifieds on BidderFace. Both classifieds with or without a price are allowed to be listed. Details »

Business Analysis

Everything you want to know for your online enterprise. Predictive analytic help you reach running a more profitable business. Details »