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Whether you are rich or poor you now have the ability to share your skills and connect with people all over the world for free.

Everything you need for a perfect online meeting

BidderFace Digital Citizens is a virtual platform that offers you a complex system of services which all help you kickstart your online business with zero money to invest. You can even call it a virtual office where you might find ways of earning money, managing your problems, answering your questions, or simply becoming part of a great community.

  • Audio / Video Call & Chatrooms on the Site

    Newly developed system, which allows you to teach and learn, give and get advice or exchange information online, through our integrated audio and video calls, at any time of the day.

  • Interactive Whiteboard & Collaborate Document

    Our integrated whiteboard can add loads of colours to your conversations and show your professional side. Sketch out your ideas or just explain your stories. Collaborate has deleted the online conversation borders, you will find yourself in something like a real life situation, thanks to real-time Whiteboard options.

  • File Sharing & Screen Sharing

    You make a presentation or show some pictures from your computer without having to actually send them.

  • Chat Translation & Transliteration

    Real-time translations translate live chats so you can chat learners / instructors from all over the globe without any frustration.

  • Broadcast Video & Broadcast Message

    Reach more people at the same time and make an impressive presentation like a rockstar.

Everything you need for a perfect online meeting

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Complex Solutions

We all want to get the most relevant information time- and cost-effectively, or both ready-made and personalized solutions on the instant.

Asking the Right Person

It gets you connected to the right person. You only have to type a key word in the search box of BidderFace, the same way as you do with other search engines, and you will straightaway find direct connection to actual people who have expertise in the topic your inquiry relates to. Details »

Be an Instructor

You can be mentoring and being mentored at the same time. You`ll find out how you can also be the right person for others` searches. What`s more, it doesn`t have to be free advice. Each of us knows something that is worth sharing with others. It can be business advice, fashion, healthy diet and gardening tips, or whatever else you are good at. There are endless possibilities. Details »

New technologies brought loads of change into our lives!

Common ways to acquire knowledge also changed.

We hand you the key to a smooth transition from old practices to new solutions.


Not only the website, but you can also set whatever language(s) you want to use to exchange knowledge and the level at which you can understand and perform them. Details »

Always Motivated

Instructors and our support system help you achieve your goals. You will never lose your ambition. Details »

Become Digital Entrepreneur
Forever Free

We offer more valued features, but you can use our basic system FOR FREE without time limitation. Start Up Membership stays forever free. Details »

We Value Your Knowledge

When you talk to us, you can get practical, updated, fit-for-life help the fastest way possible and served with the most effective solutions. Details »

Talent Customization

Customized rates, topics, and illustrations can let other members of any language find you easily. We create your business cards allowing you to add effective key words so that traditional search engines can find them fast. With the built-in share options you have the additional possibility of sharing your business cards on any social media platform. Details »

Flexible System

You can now benefit from sharing any of this knowledge and exchanging it for something they need. You can choose to offer advice, language knowledge or any other information at a fixed rate that you can adjust separately to each of your skills. Soon you will realize that your expertise is worth much more than its market price. Details »

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Show your abilities and reach your full potential

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Work anywhere & anytime

Today, more than ever, we live in a connected world. Technology allows us to create online business in many countries at once, and that`s creating immense opportunity for those with the right tools.

Become Digital Entrepreneur

BidderFace Digital Citizens a newly developed system, which allows you to teach and learn, give and get advice or exchange information online, through audio and video calls, at any time of the day. Consulting and tutoring services have become a global industry that is now worth billions of dollars, and more and more of it is being taken over by online platforms. There is a growing number of people who understand and take advantage of the benefits of online solutions, which can have multiple reasons. One of the most important factors is that it is time- and cost-effective on both sides.

  • Ability To Do Business 24 Hours

    Your schedule will be more flexible than it has ever been before. You can choose what time of the day you want to work, how many hours you want to work and what days of the week you want to work as long as you set your business in an efficient way.

  • Your Physical Presence Could Be In Any Location

    You have the freedom of choosing your location. Opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world. The World Wide Web allows you to do business from any part of the world. You aren`t tied down to a desk or a single location if you have a good internet connection and a laptop you can run your business from anywhere in the world. You will have a lifestyle of freedom, and you can travel and choose where you want to work. The gladsome life and work will make a unit.

  • Potential customer reach - Go Global

    Physical business can never compete with an online entrepreneur. Over 3 billion people are using the Internet worldwide, and this number is growing bigger by the day. Just imagine how much bigger your target market is than any bricks and mortar enterprise.

Work anywhere & anytime

Choose from thousands of solutions

Being location independent, and being able to work anywhere in the world

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The Internet has removed borders and spending time with instructors or another student is one of the best ways of developing your knowledge skills.

Ability To Do Business 24 Hours

Here I can connect to like-minded people. I can be anywhere and teach online any student from all over the world.

Robert, CPE Cambridge C2 Language Teacher

Our members are connected to more than 180 countries from six continents!

"I love that I can meet the most exciting people from around the globe in my own living room."
Your Physical Presence Could Be In Any Location
William Lopez
Training Specialist
"I am the laziest person in the world. This site brings fun and results into my life the most magical way: without straining any nerve."
Everything you need for perfect online sale & shopping
Emma Thompson
"When you start to think that you don`t need any new website to subscribe to, this is the one that will make you change your mind."
Buy & Sell | New & Used Items | Free Listing | Online Auction | Fixed Price | Classifieds | Global Marketplace | Multilingual Presence
Pierre Dubois
Project Manager

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Knowledge is the new currency! BidderFace Digital Citizens provides solution to immediate and interactive knowledge expansion with qualified flesh-and-blood mentors in any language of the world.

Technological development changes every aspect of our lives faster than ever. Start to build your digital identity and reserve a seat for yourself earlier than others, before it becomes impossible to be among the winners. It won`t take long that only a handshake will separate real life from online reality.
Maybe soon not even that!

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Convenience Services

Influence Builder

Get more influence, reward more revenue. Your network was never valuable. We can help build more profitable network and reach the most popular people. Details »

Multifunctional Modules

Break the rules and enjoy our flexible knowledge system. Complex solutions for every part of life. Everything in one place. Details »

Business Analysis

Everything you want to know for your online enterprise. Predictive analytic help you reach running a more profitable business. Details »