How Bidding Works

In auction-style listings, you place increasing bids to buy an item. The highest bidder wins once the auction ends. In some cases, the seller may set a hidden minimum price, known as a reserve price, which has to be met for the item to be sold.

When you're bidding on an item, we recommend you enter the highest amount you're willing to pay. This is your maximum bid. No one sees it. You won't necessarily pay your maximum, and if no one else bids as high as your maximum, you’ll pay less.

We automatically increase your bid for you, up to your maximum, to maintain your position as the high bidder or to meet the item's reserve price. We'll notify you each time your bid is increased or if you've been outbid.

Alternatively, you can enter the lowest amount needed to beat the current highest bid. Keep in mind, if the current highest bidder is using automatic bidding and has set a maximum amount higher than your bid, you'll be outbid instantly.

Only bid on items you intend to buy. In most cases, you can't retract your bid. If you win, you must pay the seller.

Automatic Bidding

In auction-style listings, Bidder's automatic bidding system increases your bid in increments so you’re the highest bidder until it reaches your maximum bid. It’s more convenient than manual bidding because you don't need to monitor the auction as closely.

Here’s how it works:

  • When placing your bid, you enter the highest amount you’re willing to pay for an item. This is your maximum bid and isn’t visible to other bidders or the seller. You won't necessarily pay your maximum. If no one else bids as high as your maximum, you’ll pay less.
  • In some cases, the seller may set a hidden minimum price, known as a reserve, which has to be met for the item to be sold. When you bid on an item with a reserve price, if your maximum bid meets the reserve, it will automatically increase to meet that price.

    For example:

    A seller lists an item with a starting bid of 1.00 EUR and a reserve of 30.00 EUR

    Bidder A bids 1.50 EUR. The current bid increases to 1.50 EUR but the reserve isn't met. If nobody else places a bid, Bidder A doesn't win the item.

    Bidder B places a maximum bid of 50.00 EUR. The current bid increases to 30.00 EUR to meet the reserve. If nobody else places a bid, Bidder B wins the item at the price of 30.00 EUR.

  • If someone bids more than your maximum, we'll let you know in case you want to bid again

Only bid on items you intend to buy. In most cases, you can’t retract your bid. If you win, you must pay the seller. 

Using Buy It Now

When you list an item, you can set a Buy It Now price (also called fixed price) as the only option, or you can create an auction-style listing with a Buy It Now option.

Buy It Now (fixed price)

  • Buyers can purchase the item immediately at the price you set.
  • There’s no bidding.
  • The item appears when buyers browse and search for items, or when they narrow results to Buy It Now listings.
  • You can sell more than one item per listing.
  • You can choose to accept Best Offers, allowing you to negotiate the price with buyers.

Auction-style listing with Buy It Now

  • Buyers can purchase your item immediately or place a bid.
  • The Buy It Now price is available until someone bids on the item, or until the reserve price is met.

Making a Best Offer

Best Offer allows you to make an offer for a Buy It Now item, at a price you suggest. Sellers can accept, or reject your offer. They can also suggest another price.

If the seller accepts your offer, you must pay for the item.

Finding items

You can find items to buy by searching or browsing.

To find a specific item quickly, enter 2 or 3 descriptive words into the search field on the Bidder home page, and you'll receive search results for items that match those words. Click the Advanced link next to the search field to see options for narrowing your search.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, or if you just want to explore the variety of items on BidderFace, you can browse BidderFace's listings. Browse from the BidderFace home page by clicking a category link or use Buy menu button.

How to Pay for Items

Before you bid or buy, check the listing to see which payment methods the seller accepts. Once you've won an auction-style listing or bought an item at a fixed-price using Buy It Now, you can pay for your order.

When you check out and pay, make sure to verify or change your delivery address.

Retract a Bid

If there are 12 or more hours remaining on an auction, you may be able to retract your bid in the following situations:

    • You made a mistake when entering your bid, e.g.such as entering 50 EUR instead of 5 EUR.
    • The item description changed significantly after you placed your bid.
    • You can't contact the seller.

Leaving Feedback

After making a purchase, you have to leave feedback.

Here’s how:

How to Sell on BidderFace

  • 1.Select Sell at the top of the page.
  • 2.Follow the instructions to list your item.

Fees for Selling

Charged when your item is sold.

Based on what the buyer paid.

Sellers are charged a final value fee when an item sells. If a sale isn't completed with a buyer, a final value fee will still apply. However, sellers may be eligible for a final value fee credit in this case.

Sellers pay the final value fee even if the insertion fee was free.

Fees Details.

Revise a Listing

You can revise certain details in your active listing depending on the listing format you’re using, the time left before your listing ends, and whether you’ve received any bids or purchases. There’s no charge to revise a listing, unless you add a special feature.

For most listings, you can change the title, add or change photos, and add optional listing upgrades at any time. For fixed price (Buy It Now) listings and auction-style listings has no bids, you can also lower the price.

Ending a Listing Early

Every once in a while, you may need to end a listing early for example, you might discover that an item you're selling doesn't work or is missing a part.

To ending a listing:

    • Your listing must meet certain requirements. If there are fewer than 12 hours before the end of the listing.
    • Make sure than you have a valid reason for ending the listing:
    • The item is lost, broken, or otherwise no longer available for sale.
    • You made a mistake when creating the listing or entering the starting or reserve price.

Relisting an Item

You can relist an item and offer it for sale again if:

    • It doesn't sell the first time you list it.
    • The buyer doesn't pay.
    • You cancel the order.
    • You end the listing early.

You have two options for relisting a single item: automatically or manually. Free listings only cover the insertion fee. You’ll still be charged any listing upgrades such using bold text, and you’ll be charged for the final value fee when your item sells.

Relist Automatically

This option can save you time as it automatically relists if it doesn’t sell.

Automatic relisting only works when an item doesn’t sell. For other conditions, you’ll need to relist manually.

Relist Manually

Use this option when you end a listing early, you cancel an order, the buyer doesn’t pay, or the item doesn’t sell.

Listing Upgrade Fees

In addition to the standard insertion and final value fees, fees are charged for listing upgrades like adding a reserve price or custom setup, including bold text in your listing, or listing in a second category. Different options are available for auction-style and fixed price listings.

Things to know about listings upgrades:

    • They're not included in free listings.
    • Fees are charged whether the item sells or not.
    • Your fees might be different if you have a Bidder Shop.
    • If you set up automatic relisting for your item, we charge listing upgrade fees each time the item is listed.

Selling with a Reserve Price

A reserve price is the lowest price that you're willing to sell your item for. You can set a reserve price when you create your listing. The reserve price option is only available for auction-style listings. If your reserve price hasn't been met when the listing ends, you don't have to sell the item to the highest bidder.

How Can I Block a Buyer?

If you don't want to sell to certain bidders and buyers, you can put them on your blocked list. They won't be able to bid on or buy your items unless you remove them from the list.

You can block buyers who:

  • Are in countries you don't want to send items to.
  • Have a negative Feedback score.
  • Have unpaid item cases recorded against them.
  • May bid on several items and not pay for them.
  • Have breached Bidder policies.

To add buyer requirements:

Paying Bidder Fees

As you list or sell items, we keep track of your fees and generate an invoices. You find the payment details on the invoices or you can use our instant payment method. You can easily pay your balance or upgrade your credit anytime.

How do I Open a BidderFace Shop?

  • Choose a subscription level based on your needs.
  • Choose a shop name.
  • Subscribe to BidderFace shop.
  • Set up, design, and use your Bidder shop.

Register for a New Account

To register with BidderFace:

    • Go to the registration page.
    • Enter your user name and an email address that you can check immediately. *
    • Create and then retype a password.
    • Read and accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
    • Check your email.

* If you lost your registration email or if it never arrived, we can resend the email.

Updating Account Information

Changing your username, password or personal information:

Updating your Delivery Address

Go to  Members Area My Account Address Book

To manage your addresses, select an address and choose Edit Address icon. You can also change your delivery address on the checkout page when you pay for an item.

Please be aware that your primary delivery address will be provided to the seller, unless you select an alternative address during checkout.

If you need to change your delivery address for an item you’ve ordered, check your purchase history to see if the item has been sent. If it hasn’t, contact the seller and ask if it’s possible to send it to a different address. If it has been sent, you’ll need to contact the postal carrier.

If you want add new addresses, click the Add Address, and follow the instructions.

Closing your Account

We're sorry to see you go and hope you'll tell us if you've had any problems that made you leave. This will give us the opportunity to solve them.

If you need to close your account, please  contact us.

Keep in mind that once an account is closed, it can't be reopened. 

Forgot User ID or Password

If you've forgotten your username or password, you can:

  • Sign in using your email address.
  • Reset your password using the email address registered with your account.

If you're having trouble signing in, make sure:

  • Your browser's autocomplete settings aren't filling in extra information for your username or password.
  • The caps lock key on your keyboard is off.
  • You check your junk/spam folder if you reset your password and can't find the confirmation email from Bidder.

Questions About an Invoice

Your invoice shows your account activity and details about payments, fees, discounts, refunds, or credits that were applied to your account during the billing cycle.

To see your current and previous invoices, go to  Members Area My Account Account History.

If you have questions about specific charges in your invoice, or if you disagree with a charge, please review your invoice for more information or  contact us.

Cancel a Sale and Sales Transaction Fee Refund

In certain situations, you may be eligible for a fee credit for example, if the buyer didn't pay for the item, you cancelled the sale, or you refunded the full amount for a returned item.

Go to  Members Area My Account Account History and select the invoice as you want ask refund.

You can start the refund process if the item was sold no more than 14 days.

The site administrator will be check your request and transaction feedbacks. If the feedbacks show you are eligible for refund, the refunded amounts will be credited to the site account balances of the user account. If your invoice has paid earlier.